About Joe

Joe Brozio…


…was born in Essen/Germany in 1955.

He began playing guitar already at the age of four, mainly inspired by his uncle, who used to play and sing at birthdays and other family gatherings. At the age of six Joe heard from his uncle that he had met some nice young lads from Liverpool who used to play at the Star Club in Hamburg.

Uncle Wolfgang was a great inspiration and the sparkle jumped over to Joe. From that time on Joe never lost his enthusiasm and he became an ardent lover of the guitar. Joe never had a teacher and spent hours after hours daily practicing on his own.

At the age of 15…

…Joe had already build up some notable reputation as guitarist and was soon asked to join several bands and projects. He worked as a studio guitarist during the 70’s and 80’s for numerous artists like:

Touch (Album “Touch” released in 1981 for Cain Records/Bellaphon)
Zeus B. Held of Birth Control
Dieter Bornschlegel (Guru Guru, Atlantis, Dein Schatten)
Henry Staroste (Producer of Warlock and Doro Pesch)
Piet Klocke
Famous German actor Heinrich Schafmeister
Rene Tinner (Producer of Can and Lou Reed)
just to name a few.

Although his studio work fell mainly in the rock and pop field, Joe had a very deep affection for progressive rock and jazz, making him a devoted fan of Gentle Giant. Even today Joe is still in contact with other Gentle Giant enthusiasts and band members themselves.

From the late 80’s on…

…Joe began producing his own music. He has written countless songs and instrumentals, from 3-minute pop-songs to acoustic styled swing jazz and highly inspired fusion rock.

The 1990´s Release “Nylon Times” gives a good view into Joe’s work of that decade. Most songs were played on the nylon-stringed guitar, setting an interesting counterpoint to the modern playing of drummer Markus Hoffmeister and bass-player Michael Rejmann. Songs of that album were also released by Northwind Films for the movie “Jasper Lake”.
And in 2005 the song “Times and Miracles” became part of the sampler “Giant for an Hour – music inspired by and in tribute to Gentle Giant”, available through

Joe has a passion for writing songs for classical guitar as well.

Joe lives in the Netherlands…

…since 2000 and is the lead-guitarist of Savannah, the most successful New Country Band of that region.

To demonstrate his talents as a singer/songwriter, Joe released the self-produced album “Round And Round” in 2002 and got a record deal with Arizona Records. The company selected the song “Just the way I am” to be the promotion single.

Joe’s current project is a tribute to Eric Clapton: “Riding with Eric”.

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