Behind the scenes …..

23.08.2013 by JoeBrozio

Hi friends,

a lot of things are happening behind the scenes ….

We had some really good shows this summer, we played at the Bluestocht Nieuwkoop, we had a brilliant theater show in Eindhoven and we played a very hot, sweaty and crazy show at the Swinging Hulsen Festival in Belgium with temperatures around 38 degrees Celsius …..

And there are new developments, just too early to speak out loud, but some of You may already have heard about the new line-up that will tour Europe begin next year. It will be me, my bassplayer and dear friend Bob Willemstein and on drums we will have Mr. ….? So it will be a power trio, playing a “strange brew” of music, and “I’m so glad, so glad …” to be part of that trio that makes me feel like i’m “Sitting on top of the world”.
Need i say more …?

And there is also a new push for Riding with Eric, our Eric Clapton Tribute show. One of the worlds biggest agencies, specialized in booking high-class tribute acts worldwide is in contact with us. We might very soon be playing Moscow, Rio de Janeiro, Rome …. let’s just wait a couple more days.

As soon as things are official i will be posting it here.

Until then,
take care and god bless,


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