I joined the Eric Clapton Guitar Symphony contest

05.01.2013 by JoeBrozio

Hi folks,

first of all i want to wish You all a happy new year, lots of health, love and peace.

Yesterday i learned about the EC guitar symphony contest. Guitarists all over the world can join the contest by sending in a video with their own instrumental version of Cocaine.

I checked some of the videos already posted on Youtube, … and i thought, why not?

So i took my guitar, my camera and made a pure, acoustic, unplugged living room recording of Cocaine.

This version is new, i never played it before, i just made it up today, and i can tell You, it is a really weird version.

I really hope, You like it.

The whole thing is a contest, meaning that the guitarist who gets the most votes will win a guitar. So please do me a fovor, check out the video on Youtube and support me. Of course i would love to win that guitar!

And in addition to that, the winner gets exposure on Eric Clapton’s facebook site, that would also be a big advantage for the Joe Brozio Band.

So, here’s the link to the video …

Click here

Thanks in advance.

Take care,


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