New CD Release!

07.10.2007 by eMaster

Joe Brozio & Friends Live is available now!

Great news! The fantastic “Club” concert that Joe Brozio & Friends played in September is now available on CD. The live recording features 18 brilliant songs in a fine sound quality. This is what Joe says about his new baby:

“Four voices, two guitars and a bass, everything unplugged and recorded live in Joe’s German hometown Heiligenhaus on a Wednesday night in September 2007. We have left the recording as it is, no overdubs, no corrections, nothing.

So you can catch the spirit of this night exactly as it was. Feel the energy, the humor and the magic of this night. 75 minutes of pure music, handmade and without any tricks. We had a lot of fun that night. I hope you can catch a bit of that by listening to this cd. I’m really proud and glad to have friends like Wilma, Marcel and Ramon.”

You can buy a copy on for only 18,- Euro (including shipping)

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  1. Jessie on 17.07.2008 3:09 pm

    handmade guitars…

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