Some thoughts at the end of the year …..

21.12.2012 by JoeBrozio

Hi everyone,

It is almost Christmas and would like to thank everybody for Your interest, support and friendship throughout this year. As most of You know, it has been quite a difficult one for me personally. But now, as the end of this year is near I look forward with a lot of hope and optimism. I guess we all feel that we’re living in difficult times, but the best way to deal with that situation is to keep going on and believe in what You do. I feel privileged to have a band like this and the concerts we played this year have all been personal highlights for me. I really hope that, despite the economical crisis we will have the chance in 2013 to play many gigs through whole Europe. I have played in so many bands, I met a lot of interesting people, I am a musician since more than fourty years, but this is the first time, that I have a band of my own. And this is really something special! Most people know us playing the music of Eric Clapton, but in fact, we come from so many different musical styles, we all have a much broader musical background. I hope we can show this in the future.

In the meantime, we have a new website,

There You can find lots of information about us, videos, foto’s etc.

I have decided to make some changes to this site, that You’re currently watching.
In the future I will turn this site more and more into a blog about me and my work. As some of You may know, I am not only a musician. I am also a writer and a painter. I am planning to show You some of my work on this website soon. And also I’m planning to share some of my thoughts with You.

For 2013 I have also planned to do a solo program.

I’m almost 58 and although I am not famous, I think I have a lot to tell when I look back at more than fourty years as a musician. In that solo program I will play guitar, sing and also tell some stories about people I met during my career. Remember, when I started, there were bands like the Beatles, I have someone in my family who met the Beatles when they were still just a band, before Beatlemania broke out. I grew up in that fantastic and creative time, I know the 60ies and 70ies personally. And some of my all time favourites like for example Miles Davis are still up to date. Funny to see how some of my students come up with these people and want to learn about Bebop, Swing, but also Bossa Nova, Country etc. I can show them stuff, they have never seen or heard of before.

So, check back often, I will add a lot of new things to this site very soon.

I wish all of You a merry Christmas, a happy new year and lot’s of love, health and peace.

God bless,


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