Still Alive and Kickin’

30.10.2012 by JoeBrozio

Hi everybody,
It’s time to give You an update on the recent activities and my future plans.
When I look back at this year so far, it was certainly not the best year for me personally.
Some of You know, there have been some serious health issues and I’m glad that the hard times are finally over. I wasn’t able to play as much concerts as I wanted, but we’re planning to hit the stage as much as possible in the future.
The theatre shows in 2012 have been a big success, no matter if we had big or small audiences. There were so many beautiful comments, so much response and all that encourages us to go on. I was very pleased to see that people acknowledge and appreciate our concept, to play the music of Eric Clapton in our own way. And in the future we might bring in some own stuff into the shows. Besides that we will also present another version of the show, more intimate, mostly unplugged and with some hardly ever heard versions of Eric’s songs. We also recorded some shows and we are planning to release a live cd early in early spring 2013.
We also decided to do some gigs in a smaller setting, mostly meant for blues clubs, festivals and smaller venues. There You will see me and my band either as a trio, quartet or quintet. That will give us hopefully gigs in places where we would never have a chance to play in the theatre setting with the whole 7 piece band.
On November 10th we will do the first of this gigs at:

Eetcafé ‘ t Vliegend Paard
Dorpsstraat 62
2421 BB Nieuwkoop
Telefoon: 0031- 172 – 571118

If You want to see us digging deeper into the blues than usually, please make sure to reserve Your tickets on time … !
More news will follow soon, so please make sure to check back regularly.
Take care,

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