Thank You !!!!!!!!!!!

20.05.2012 by JoeBrozio

Hi everybody,
thank You all for Your response and comments, for Your support and applause.
Our last shows in den Bosch, Uden, Roermond, Barendrecht and Breda were something we will never forget.
We recorded some of the shows live and hopefully will be able to come up with a live cd soon.

Next friday will be our last show of this season in Kerkrade. Don’t miss the chance.
But we will be back, that’s for sure !!

In the meantime, please check back often, there’ll be some good news soon.

Take care,

One Comment to “Thank You !!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. Arie on 21.05.2012 6:11 pm

    Hello Joe,

    We’ve enjoyed the show in Breda very much.
    Thanks for a beautiful sunday morning, with lots of beautiful music from the great Clapton.
    You show truly was as close as it can get to the “real thing”.

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