Riding with Eric

h2>A tribute to the music of Eric Clapton!

In 2006 Joe Brozio formed the Joe Brozio Band to play the music of Eric Clapton.

Since then Joe and his band mates are Riding with Eric and they perform Clapton’s songs in two different line-ups: Acoustic and Electric.

In this post Joe explains more about his reasons to start a Eric Clapton tribute band.

Joe Brozio Band

Listen to the demo recordings!

In 2006 the band recorded a demo CD and you can listen to the mp3 teasers here:

Layla Part One

I Shot The Sheriff

Hoochie Coochie Man

Old Love

Before You Accuse Me

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Electric or Acoustic?

Both formations are most attractive:

The Acoustic Band is perfect for smaller clubs and bars, adding a cool and groovy atmosphere to the location.

The Electric Part of the band plays louder, more powerful and was made for rocking stages: From smaller Parties to Festivals and larger Clubs with a Rhythm’n Blues audience.

More about Riding with Eric!

In 2009 the band began to play in theatres throughout the Netherlands. The show is also called “Riding with Eric” and presents both the acoustic and the electric setting. For more informations about the actual theatre tour please go to the tourdates page.

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