Riding with Eric – A Tribute to Eric Clapton!

24.04.2006 by eMaster

Joe’s thoughts about “Riding with Eric”


In my early days, when everybody was crazy about Cream, Blind Faith and Eric Clapton, I was totally hooked on Jimi Hendrix.

I had no idea that Jimi and Eric were good friends…

…It was the same like either being pro Beatles or pro Rolling Stones, there was no way to be fan of both bands at the same time.

No love at first sight!


My love for Eric Clapton was a love at second sight, that’s for sure.

I remember one night after a concert somebody came up to the stage and told me, that my tone and my soloing reminded him of Eric Clapton.

I had never thought of that before. From then on I began listening to some of Eric’s stuff and indeed I found, that there are some similarities in the way of bending notes, building up solos and trying to add a “lyrical touch” to the playing.

Lyrical guitar playing!


It didn’t take long and I felt familiar with his playing. From that time on I added songs like Layla, Lonely Stranger and Old Love to my repertoire when I played on my own.

I’ve always had a love for the Blues, and digging deeper and deeper into Eric’s work made me finally realize his genius as a blues guitarist, too.

Riding with Eric!


So it became obvious to me, that I wanted my own band, a band that would be able to play Blues as well as other Eric stuff and some originals of mine, of course.

I knew Jörg for many years, we had played a couple of jams together and he was my first choice for the organ and piano.

I phoned him, we met and we decided to form a band.

That’s how Riding with Eric began…

Joe Brozio, March 2006

6 Comments to “Riding with Eric – A Tribute to Eric Clapton!”

  1. lialeijten on 09.05.2010 1:08 am

    Joe jij bent ongelooflijk Goed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    groetjes LIA

  2. filippo barontini on 17.05.2010 2:45 pm

    hello joe, I’m a 41 blues guitar player in Italy. I’ve been playing on stage for about 20 years still palying blues, soul swing and other good stuff. I’m starting a new project, a band that wil be a eric clapton tribute, so I would like to talk with you (via e mail), if possible about this topic. I heard your music work, and it’s very good. all the best, filippo

  3. lia leijten on 13.09.2010 12:36 am

    HOI JOE ik zei het al jij bent de beste, bewijs
    heb je gekregen in de vorm van een award.!!!!!!!!!!!!!Lieve groetjes lia

  4. Clemens Bert on 26.04.2011 10:34 pm

    …and this is the German EC Tribute.

    Greetings from Germany

    Clemens Bert

  5. Clemens Bert on 26.04.2011 10:35 pm

    I forgot:

  6. Lenny Versteeg on 29.10.2011 11:11 am

    Hallo Joe,
    Gisterenavond was ik samen met mijn man Cees in het Crown theater in Aalsmeer bij jullie optreden.
    In één woord geweldig!
    We hebben genoten en als jullie weer in de buurt zijn probeer ik er zeker weer bij te zijn.
    Dank jullie wel voor een kwalitatief heel goede, maar ook een avond om niet snel te vergeten.
    Je hebt ons een groot plezier gedaan met jullie muziek.
    Hartelijke groet,

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