ooohps …. it’s been a while since my last entry …

18.01.2011 by JoeBrozio

but i’m still alive and kicking. A lot of things have     been going on. My life has seen some minor and major positive changes, the one’s of You who know me better know what i’m talking about. Take a good look at my right hand  :) !!!!!!!!!

As You can also see i have won the “instrumentalist of the year ” award again, the second time in a row, 2009 and 2010.

We also had a change of our booking agency and we’re now with Jacques Senf  Theaterpartners. We hope for a lot of bookings in Dutch theatres from october on. 

One big event i’m looking forward to is our appearance at the Blues on the River event in Rotterdam in may 2011.

We will play two days, friday 27 of may and saturday 28th of may 2010. The event will take place on a boat.

This is really something special. For further informations and ticket reservations please go to

Another big thing for us is due in june. We’ll play at the Zyfflich Blues Festival either on friday 3rd of june or on saturday 4th of june. The organisation is still planning, but we’re definitely there. I’ll post the exact date as soon as i know it myself. Check out the event and order tickets at

I can also announce our presence at the Stadtfest in Heiligenhaus on saturday june25th. It will be great to be back in Heiligenhaus again after so many years.

In addition to these gigs i already have a list of approximately another 40 gigs with Billy Yates, Savannah and Back to the Country theatreshow for 2011. I’ll be touring again in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, England, Norway, Poland, Lituania, France and of course Holland. I’ll post all the dates before end of this week, big promise !!!

I’ll try to keep that site up to date from now on, but i can already announce that there will be another site soon, especially for the Joe Brozio Band and the Joe Brozio Fanclub.

So much for now,

thanks for all Your support, love and understanding.



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